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Daily Dish: Don Strange Retailing Popular Items on the Web

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Don Strange of Texas LogoSome of caterer Don Strange’s signature food items became so popular over the years it seemed that a retail sales outlet was demanded. Strange has launched a new e-commerce Web site,

“We are taking our customers’ advice and offering our famous products to the public,” says Di-Anna Arias, director of sales.

Here are a few of the items being offered: Double Barrel Brownies, Texas “Two Bite” Pecan Tarts, Grilled White Wings and the addictive Christmas Bacon, or apple-smoked bacon baked with a brown sugar coating.

Frank Moore, hired to oversee the research and development of the newly created retail division, said the greatest part of his job was already done when Strange hired him.  The caterer, he says,  had already built an impeccable reputation of  “always delivering incomparable culinary taste and presentation at each event for over a half a century.”

Nearly all the recipes, says Arias, were inspired by Strange’s mother-in-law, Mary Singleton.  Singleton, at 91, still “bakes with the best of them,” says Arias.

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