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Daily Dish: ‘Food Inc.’ Opens in San Antonio

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Food Inc. Movie PosterThe controversial documentary “Food Inc.” opens Friday at San Antonio’s Bijou at Crossroads Mall.

This film, featuring food alarmists Eric (“Fast Food Nation”) Schlosser and Michael (“The Omnivore’s Dilemma”) Pollan, takes an unflattering look at how food is processed in our society. Or, as the tag line on the poster reads, “You’ll never look at dinner the same way.”

In other words, this ain’t “Big Night” or “Babette’s Feast,” movies that made you want to celebrate every morsel that passed your lips. You may also want to forgo that box of popcorn in what some have called a true-to-life “Children of the Corn” horror flick.

For the film’s Web site, click here. For a schedule of local showtimes, click here.

Articles and reviews of the film have stated that none of the food giants discussed would comment on film for director Robert Kenner. Yet Monsanto has subsequently launched its own Web site denouncing “Food Inc.” Click here for more.

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