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Ask a Foodie: Dining Gluten-Free

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jean_victor_balin_toque1Q. Do you know of any restaurants in San Antonio — Italian or otherwise that offer gluten-free pasta dishes as regular (or substitute) menu items?  I have celiac and frequently cook brown rice or corn pasta at home with good success, but I never see these dishes offered in restaurants.  What about gluten-free pizza?

I hope SavorSA is doing well.  I love your site!



A. One place that offers gluten-free pasta prepared upon request is Maggiano’s Little Italy at the Rim, 17603 I-10 W. The folks at Fralo’s Art of Pizza, 23651 I-10, offer a gluten-free pizza.

Do you know about the Defensive Dining category on It’s a big help on who in town offers what to people who are gluten intolerant. Some places, such as Beto’s Comida Latina and Aldaco’s, have celiac menus. The Little Aussie Bakery and Cafe, 3610 Avenue B, is the city’s only completely gluten-free restaurant.

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