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Beer Review: Shiner Smokehaus

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shinersmokehaus Smokehaus

Fact: Shiner’s new summer beer, Smokehaus, features pale malt smoked with mesquite. The result is what could be considered rauchbier-lite, a light-bodied version of the smoky European beers you’ll occasionally find in the fall. In other words, it’s made for our current triple-digit temperature readings.

Ice this puppy down as cold as you can get it and pour it into a frosted mug. It won’t lose its flavors, which are lightly smoky, though perhaps not as pronounced as the name might suggest. $7.50 a six-pack.

Feeling: This is a beer meant to go with barbecue. You can practically taste how good smoked brisket would be alongside it. Or sausage. Or ribs. You get the picture. Now, picture yourself in an icy climate and let the beer take you there.

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One Response to “Beer Review: Shiner Smokehaus”

  1. I saw this beer at Costco Liquors (1604 & Sonterra location) this weekend- it was well priced at $10.29 for a 12 pack. You needn’t have a membership at Costco to shop at the adjacent liquor store. They have great deals on many products there- love it!