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Daily Dish: Restaurateur on Hunger Strike

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You don’t often hear of a restaurateur going on a hunger strike. Yet what happened in the wake of the elections in Iran is something so important to Rashin Mazaheri that she’s joined a three-day hunger strike outside the United Nations building in New York.

Sympathizers from across the country have joined the strike, organized by the Green Movement of Iran. They are for calling for the release of political prisoners while proclaiming their support for the Iranian people.

It hasn’t been easy, as Mazaheri wrote in a humorous note on her Facebook page Wednesday: There’s a “farmer’s market next to (the) hunger strike site. What a test. As if not eating in NYC isn’t bad enough! I’m committing far too many culinary sins.”

Best of luck, Rashin.

Meanwhile, Shiraz at 4230 McCullough Ave. remains open. Call (210) 829-5050 or click here.

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