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Daily Dish: Texas Monthly on Burgers

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The new Texas Monthly promises to offer the best 50 burgers in the state. But does it really?

The list is thorough in that it covers all corners of the state, but the San Antonio inclusions are a questionable mix. A couple are expected (grass-fed burger at the Cove, the bean burger at Bracken General Store), one was a happy surprise (the ref burger at Fatty’s)  and the omissions were numerous (no Bunsen Burgers? no Lord’s Kitchen? no Bobby J’s?). The only others from the city that I noticed were Big’z, Gourmet Burger Grill and Roaring Fork.

I might have missed a name or two because I found the layout of the article to be an ugly, confusing mess. Was it designed by a person who skipped his/her Ritalin dosage for the day? It was so scatter-shot and unfocused that it managed to obscure some of the more appetizing photos.

List stories are designed to generate controversy and press, like this piece. So, let’s keep it going with your response: Which of your favorites did not make the list? Which should not have been included? Post your opinions below.

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One Response to “Daily Dish: Texas Monthly on Burgers”

  1. I love the lamb burger cooked medium rare with a side of pickled beets from Liberty Bar (Aussie Style). They may look at you quizzically when you order it, but just ignore it… It is absolutely wonderful!