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Jack in the Box: Mini Sandwiches

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jackintheboxminiburgersYears ago, our appetite for burgers grew beyond our belt sizes. Remember when a quarter-pound burger was an enormous sandwich? Now, it’s a lightweight.

So, the concept of mini-burgers or mini-chicken sandwiches, now offered at Jack in the Box among other places, might seem like a great idea. Smaller is better, right?

After all, you can eat a tiny sandwich much easier while driving a car. One mini is great for a kid, which leaves you two in a three-pack. And they’re cute, right?

I will admit Jack in the Box’s Mini Sirloin Burgers are visually appealing. You open the box and the three sandwiches on their side practically call out to you. Eating three little burgers is like reflexing rumaki off an appetizer tray.

Food: 2.5

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Plus, the flavor is what you come to expect from Jack in the Box: juicy, dependable, consistent. The mini sandwich was also cleaner to eat while maneuvering the car. (If you’re looking for a hand-formed patty in a homemade bun, look elsewhere. This is a fast-food place I’m writing about.)

The drawback, for me, at least, is that there is now so much bread– and sweet bread, to boot — that I was left with a carb overload. Diabetics, beware. These are not for you. After eating a Mini Sirloin Burger and two Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches, I felt bloated, not full and not satisfied.

The nutritional analysis on the company’s website shows that a three-pack of Mini-Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwiches has 92 grams of carbohydrate, while the Spicy Chicken with Cheese has 61 grams. The Mini-Sirloin Burgers have 77 grams of carbohydrate while the Ultimate Cheeseburger has 52 grams.

I also wish the chicken sandwiches had been dressed with lettuce, ranch and whatever they were supposed to have on top. Our order had only chicken and Frank’s RedHot Sauce. That’s a great combination, considering I’m a sucker for anything with Frank’s on it, but the lack of dressings made the bun seem bigger, too big for a mini.

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