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Sabor de Mexico: Torta Delight

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sabor1The restaurant Sabor de Mexico may be small, but the tortas served there are not.

In fact, the tortas may be the best I have found in town. The foundation is a telera bread with a lightly crisp crust and soft interior that has been covered with mayonnaise, delicious refrieds, tomatoes, lettuce and, best of all, perfectly ripe avocado slices.

Once these are heated, you don’t need an additional filling, which is why you’ll find an aguacate version available on the menu.

I opted for the chile relleno torta, which I thought an odd combination — that is, until I took my first bite. The cheese-filled pepper with the eggy batter on it was a perfect complement to the rest of the sandwich. It was also served so hot it practically seared your fingertips.

Food: 3.5
Service: 3
Value: 4

Rating scale:
5: Extraordinary
4: Excellent
3: Good
2: Fair
1: Poor

Tortas can be messy to eat, and those at Sabor de Mexico are no exception. The fillings love to slide out into basket and across your fingers. That makes me happier to be eating one, actually. But if that bothers you, just use your fork and knife.

We also tried the Milanese torta, which boasted the same excellent foundation, including plenty of avocado. Except in this case, the breaded meat was overcooked to the point of being burnt. We would have sent it back except we had so much food that we didn’t need it.

The tortas are priced from $3.25 to $4.50 apiece, and one is large enough for most for lunch.

My friend ordered the San Antonio Supreme for breakfast, and his plate was doubly blessed. It had two eggs (a perfect over-easy with nary a trace of brown edge), two fluffy pancakes, two slices of crisp bacon, two slices of ham and potatoes. The dish ($5.75) even appeared on two plates.

sabor2To finish off our fine mid-morning meal, we had a pair of icy licuados, most of which are named after favorite singers. The Alejandro Fernandez, for example, was made with a refreshing combination of mango and milk. The Vuelve a la Vida (literally “return to life”) was a hearty mix of mango, strawberries, banana and milk with oatmeal added. It was a real eye-opener, as was much of what we had at this bright little breakfast-and-lunch spot on Austin Highway.

SavorSA will be returning to Sabor de Mexico.

Sabor de Mexico
1367 Austin Hwy. No. 2
(210) 829-1101
Open daily for breakfast and lunch.

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