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Ask a Foodie: Where Can You Get the Four Horseman?

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jean_victor_balin_toque1Q. The Travel Channel just ran a piece on the hottest burger in San Antonio, if not the world. It’s called the Four Horseman. I can’t remember the name of the place, though, where you can get it. Do you know?


A: “Man v. Food” featured San Antonio’s own Chunky’s Burgers & More, 4602 Callaghan Road, in June for its Four Horseman burger. If you remember mention of the four horseman of the apocalypse in the biblical book of Revelation, then you know what’s in store for you in terms of heat.

This burger is made with four types of peppers, including ghost peppers, habaneros, serranos and jalape├▒os. It weighs in at a half pound.

The cost is $15.99, or you can take the Chunky’s challenge: If you can eat the burger within 25 minutes┬á without eating or drinking anything to help you fight the heat, you get it for free. You also have to wait five minutes after eating the burger without any help.

The TV episode has had a significant impact on Chunky’s. “It’s completely boosted our business 110 percent,” says manager Sherry Avila.

Call (210) 433-9960.

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