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This Week: Get the Scoop on Ice Cream at SavorSA

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664567_21115825You’re no kid, but admit it — ice cream still does it for you. And vanilla bean, chocolate fudge, cajeta and caramel (just to name a few) might be just what you need to get through the rest of this relentless summer.

SavorSA will extend a helping hand this week with lots of cool features: ice cream and gelato recipes, plus tips on making ice cream if you are diabetic or lactose intolerant, 10 great (easy) ice cream-based desserts, a comparison tasting of new premium ice creams and more.  Also, we want you to share your favorite ice creams, styles, recipes or brands with other SavorSA readers.

Get your scoops ready.

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2 Responses to “This Week: Get the Scoop on Ice Cream at SavorSA”

  1. I <3 gelato from Da Vinci’s: in San Antonio, since it’s arrival every visit from the napkins to the spaghetti ice creame (icecream pushed through a pasta maker with strawberry sauce) immediately takes me back to living in Germany and the Italian’s migrating North during the summer months and re-opening the seasonal gelato shops. Yum! Looking forward to the posts!

    • Dear GB – Thanks for sharing the tip about the spaghetti shaped ice cream! I am (almost) on my over there right now! I’m hoping to hear about some inventive make-at-home ice cream treats as well, so if you have any, pass ’em along.