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What’s Hot: Panini Piggy Press

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Here’s a bacon press that immortalizes the pig in cast iron.

It could be a handy decoration for the kitchen. Or you could put it to use if you’re one of those who do not like those puffy bits of not-quite-cooked fat on their breakfast bacon.

It is also being billed by the manufacturer, Norpro, as a panini press as well as a hamburger press. Not bad merchandising, though we will say that pressing the juice out of a burger, whether with a spatula or a press, will give you a dry burger. We don’t recommend it.

Instead of the burger, though, one might consider the press for  Cuban sandwiches, which loosely resemble panini.

This press sells for $7.95 at Melissa Guerra’s Tienda de Cocina in the Full Goods at the Pearl Brewery, 200 East Grayson, Suite122.

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