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What’s Hotter? Hell or S.A. in August ?

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peppersLast week on SavorSA we offered enough ice cream recipes, ideas and temptations to float a banana boat.

This week, we turn up the heat with restaurant dishes and recipes that will make the outdoor temps mild by comparison.

Also, we pay homage to a chile that Mexican food lovers in states further west have have long savored, the green Anaheim chile. These chiles are usually at the markets here all year ’round. In August, though, the big stars are the chiles grown around Hatch, N.M.  We’ve now accepted the Hatch chile in a big Texas way and, of course, will put our own stamp on it.

This week, check us every day for recipes for these chiles, as well as some other hot, hot foods being served in San Antonio.

When you think you’ve had enough heat, just go back and review SavorSA’s ice cream articles.  Chiles,  ice cream. It’s a match made in heaven.

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One Response to “What’s Hotter? Hell or S.A. in August ?”

  1. Cecil Flentge says:

    Great Photo! Love the attention on peppers, you can’t get more San Antonio than that!