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Daily Dish: One of the Best Watering Holes in America

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La Tuna at 100 Probandt St. has been named one of the best watering holes in America by Esquire magazine. It was the only bar in San Antonio to be included in the top 100.

“No liquor. No credit cards. No pretense,” writes Adam McGill. “No more than you need. Just a simple, small icehouse on the south side of downtown San Antonio, near the rundown railroad tracks and not much else. You go to La Tuna because it’s nice out and you want to get a buzz going before the sun goes down. You drink cheap, cold beer and gather at the two dozen or so picnic tables beneath the shade of towering pecan trees. Rusted bottle caps crinkle like seashells underfoot, indicating the way to the walk-up bar. Bartenders add each night’s beer tops to the gravel landscape, like anteing chips to an ever-building poker pot.”

Instead of running a photograph of, say, the picnic tables beneath the pecan trees, the website includes a photo of the River Walk. Still, it’s better having one bar on the list, and a great one like La Tuna, than be like Houston, which managed to land not a single place on the list.

Austin, meanwhile, landed five in the top 100: The Mohawk, Mean Eyed Cat, Ginny’s Little Longhorn, Donn’s Depot and Deep Eddy Cabaret. Dallas had two: The Inwood Lounge and Lakewood Landing.


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One Response to “Daily Dish: One of the Best Watering Holes in America”

  1. Julia Rosenfeld says:

    I would have loved to have seen a tight shot of the bottlecaps on the ground. The editors were lazy.