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Florio’s Pizzeria: Great Tastes, Ignore the Attitude

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Florios3I amused myself last night by reading on the Internet what other folks had to say about Florio’s Pizza. So many loved the pies. More than a few, though, commented on the attitude. Like, the “rude” lady behind the cash register.

Well, that lady is the person who bakes the cakes, which are the sweetest things Florio’s sells, with the possible exception of the very sweet Cold Italian Sub that makes me want to stand and belt out a song after just one bite. That may be why I often go alone.

Value: 5.0

Rating scale:
5: Extraordinary
4: Excellent
3: Good
2: Fair
1: Poor

Here’s the deal:  The folks at this Alamo Heights pizzeria are mom, pop, sister and brother. They’re good people who are making some of the best, thin-crust, roll-your-eyes delectable New York / New Jersey pizza in town. They’ve been there a long time. They have plenty of faithful clientele. So how rude can they be? I mean, they don’t hold a candle to the Soup Nazi, wherever he is these days. See, that’s rude.

Florios1So, we went the other day for our typical meal, just to check out the benchmarks: Cold sub, slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza, iced tea, cake.

“How about we get the sausage sandwich, too?” said a friend who’d accompanied us to Florio’s.  I stared at him, thinking, “Wha’ …  sausage sandwich?  Not sub?” My other companion, another sub devotee, did not even acknowledge this suggestion with a glance.

The sub was as tasty as ever, but did I detect, perhaps, a slight cutting back on the thinly sliced, porky Italian lunch meats? That would make me a little sad.

The slice of pepperoni, on the other hand, filled me with joy. All that special cheesy flavor and sauce, neither one laid on too thick, neither one trying turn the crust into a soggy, contemptible mass. In fact, maybe Steve Florio has cranked up the oven a notch, because the crust, always perfect in flavor, was even crustier on the bottom. Without being crackerlike, of course.

So, three of us sat there with two subs. I just wanted a fraction of my friend’s sandwich and looked around for a knife. No knife. A server walked by. “Could you bring us a knife please, to cut the sub?” I asked nicely.

Florios2“Go up to the counter. They have a knife. They’ll cut it.”  She walked off and we looked at one another. Well, hafta say it — how rude!

But a slice of white cake, spongy with a raspberry jam filling and topped with buttercream frosting? That eased any hurt feelings.

Florio’s, we still love you.

Florio’s Pizza
7701 Broadway
(210) 805-8646
Lunch and dinner Tuesday-Saturday

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2 Responses to “Florio’s Pizzeria: Great Tastes, Ignore the Attitude”

  1. Sean says:

    I love Florios. The attitude is definitely part of the ambiance, and part of the reason I still go after over 10 years. The main reason, the incredible pizza! Best pies in town.

    • The pizza is tops — have you tried the Italian sub? I always have to go with someone so I can split the sandwich AND have a piece of pizza. They’re both the best!