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Take Wing: The Essential Party Food Has Many Flavors

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When it comes to wings, we’re not in Buffalo any more.

Not that the original Anchor Bar recipe for Buffalo Wings isn’t great. It is one of the greats when it comes to finger food. It’s not just that red-hot peppery, buttery sauce that makes the original preparation so addictive, but also the creamy blue cheese dressing on the side along with cool, crisp ribs of celery.

FeaturedWings1Wings are right up there with cocktail wienies, guacamole and queso, in our book.  One of the best attributes of chicken wings is their adaptability to countless preparations.

Today, as the football season progresses, we give you three of our favorites: Buffalo Wings (the original recipe), Teriyaki Wings and an unabashedly gourmet Truffle Wings recipe that you’ll want to serve to the guys, then taunt them with guessing the secret ingredient.

The story of how the Anchor Bar’s Buffalo Wings came to be is folk legend. The hungry bar customers, a kitchen more or less out of food and an imaginative cook were the elements that made the magic. This dish, born of necessity, has changed the landscape of game-snack tables everywhere.

Here’s a tip: Don’t leave out the celery—it needs to be immaculately fresh, clean and trimmed. It’s the palate cleanser and mouth cooler that prepares you for the next wing. The blue cheese dressing is the third tip of the magic triangle of hot-cold-creamy. If you want your dish to really take flight, make the dressing yourself. You’ll be amazed at the difference between it and your basic bottled dressing.

FeaturedWings3Nick Mistry, SavorSA’s Web and software guru and handler of the deep fryer, offers us this recipe. Kristina Mistry, our events calender compiler, writer and cooking contester, shares her quick but delicious blue cheese dressing recipe.

John Griffin veered off in the direction of gourmet. He (as are the rest of us) is enamored of the pungent, earthy scent and flavor of black truffle. So, with a jar of truffle butter and some truffle-scented flour, he produced wings of great taste and distinction.

I nearly always make wings with a revved up teriyaki sauce, baked rather than deep fried.  I like to gussie them up a bit with sliced green onion and a little cilantro on top, when they’re finished,  but they’re just fine by themselves.

Our recipes can be seen at the links below:


Buffalo Wings


Truffle Wings


Teriyaki Wings

Blue Cheese Dressing

Blue Cheese Dressing

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4 Responses to “Take Wing: The Essential Party Food Has Many Flavors”

  1. Richard Toupal says:

    The best wings I have ever had are the ones made at SAN TUNG’S in the Inner Sunset area of San Franciso. They are described as a dry fried chicken wing coated with a tangy sweet and savory spicy sauce. This restaurant uses the asian technique of rendering out the fat to make “paper fried chicken.” The other technique is the KFC which is Korean Fried Chicken. I have not had KFC yet, but I am anxious to try it. It is funny, I was never a big fan of chicken wings until I had the ones at SAN TUNG.