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Daily Dish: Gourmet to Cease Publication

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Gourmet magazine, which has been around for 68 years, will cease publication after the November issue, according to the New York Times.

The magazine, edited by Ruth Reichl, has been a venerated source of quality food and wine writing, much of which has been collected in books over the years. The magazine recently released its latest cookbook, “Gourmet Today.”

It has also been a supporter of San Antonio’s dining scene over the years. Twice it named Andrew Weissman’s Le RĂªve among the best restaurants in the nation. The last time it updated the list, the restaurant at 152 E. Pecan St. made it to No. 6 in the entire country.

Most recently, it included Rosario’s, 910 S. Alamo St., as one of the restaurants in the country to offer the best bang for the buck.

For more on the magazine, click here.

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2 Responses to “Daily Dish: Gourmet to Cease Publication”

  1. John Griffin says:

    This is news that’s sure to get foodies talking.

    Bonnie Walker shared the following with me: “I always looked through Gourmet when I wanted to update myself on what people, from the pros to good home cooks, were cooking, or where food-lovers were traveling. I subscribed to it, off and on.

    “One of my all-time favorite recipes of all times came from Gourmet. It was from an article about the original Le Cirque, in New York. I remember making it for friends 18 years ago, and unfortunately lost the recipe, but generally remember how it went. It was homemade ravioli filled with a mixture of wilted greens, such as watercress, arugula and fresh herbs, along with creamy mascarpone. The topping was a simple but very good tomato sauce (coulis?) and a drizzling of homemade basil olive oil.

    “That recipe, now, has still not become dated; it is something I’d be delighted to encounter on a restaurant menu or to make again. I’ll miss Gourmet.”

    I, too, will miss the magazine, having recently resubscribed after several years. I wrote this morning about how much the quince cover of a recent issue haunted me. Thanks for years of ideas, of great stories, great recipes and great meals.

    Does Gourmet hold any special place with you? If so, post your thoughts below.

  2. I too have been a periodic subscriber and refer to the giant yellow tome for recipe ideas. I hope that they can redirect their efforts into the spectacular “Diary of a Foodie” series on PBS. Ruth, what now? You are so good at reinvention and I can’t wait to see what you do next, either at Gourmet or a new opportunity.