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Daily Dish: What’s The Beef? Restaurateur Avoids Scam ‘Artists’

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Tom Cacy,  who owns Ilsong Garden at 6905 Blanco Road with his wife, Young, received what might have been a lucrative delivery order — had it not been a scam.

Cacy said he received a phone call from an operator who said she had a deaf customer on the line who would like to order Korean Kalbi (a beef steak dish)  for 150 people through their transcription system.  “I worked the order with them and then they stated they wanted to add $700 to the bill for paying a ‘delivery service’, says Cacy.  “When I asked why she wanted to do it this way, she stated that the delivery service would not take credit cards so she wanted me to send a cashier’s check to some delivery service in New Jersey. I  told her no and the operator said, ‘Thank you, goodbye.’ ”

Cacy Googled this basic concept looking for a scam and discovered that it was a relatively new one being run out of Nigeria.  If someone were to fall for this, the scammers would take the $700 fee and cancel the order. The credit card the order was made under will generally turn out to have been stolen.

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2 Responses to “Daily Dish: What’s The Beef? Restaurateur Avoids Scam ‘Artists’”

  1. Mark Arriola says:

    We got the same call last week, order for 150 roasted chicken entrees. I wasn’t quite as polite with my response to their request.

  2. Susan Hall says:

    They run this scam with furniture all the time on Craig’s List. If you are selling furniture you will probably get this same offer…crazy.