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Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls a Sweet Breakfast Surprise

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SweetPotCinRolls1If you’re looking for a special breakfast recipe to take you handily though Thanksgiving, Christmas or any holiday breakfast into the New Year, this one is not only good but gives you additional vitamin A. With all the sugar this is a treat to be enjoyed in moderation.  Serve fresh-squeezed orange juice, scrambled eggs, link sausages or fresh fruit along with these moist, fragrant rolls.

If you have wisely decided to break down that jack-o’-lantern, or just purchase a pie pumpkin to cook, substitute cooked, mashed pumpkin in this recipe —it will still taste great. Or, use the same amount canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling).

I am hardly a master baker, but here are a few tips I’ve picked throughout my years of trying to be, at least, a pretty good baker:

  • Remember to check the “best used by” date on the yeast. Fresh yeast yields best results.
  • Included are instructions in the recipe for making the dough in a food processor. That’s great if you want to do it that way. I have fun making a mess and working the dough with my hands. It might be sentiment, but I think the results taste better using the  by-hand method.
  • For the orange zest, use a microplane grater. Fast, easy, uncomplicated.
  • Use the biggest bowl you have for making bread or roll dough. It’s a luxury to have all that room to mess around in.
  • SweetPotCinRolls5If you don’t have buttermilk, you can use plain milk. I didn’t have milk OR buttermilk but I did have some 2 percent milk fat eggnog. That worked.
  • After cooking one big sweet potato and mashing it for the recipe, I had about a half cup of mashed sweet potato left. I saved it for Sunday morning buttermilk pancakes. I used a Pioneer Buttermilk Pancake mix from an l envelope, used eggnog in place of the water it called for, and just stirred in the mashed sweet potatoes. The pancakes were a hit at our house.
  • The original of this recipe didn’t call for raisins or currants. I didn’t have either, anyway. But, I did have dried cranberries so I used those.  Any of these will work if you want to include them.

Click below to link to recipe:

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls

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