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Griffin to Go: O Cooking Tree

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Ornaments4When it came time to decorate my Christmas tree, I discovered I had no desire to haul out the traditional ornaments this year. No taking anything out of a box (except the tabletop tree itself), no unwrapping metal toys or delicate bulbs, no lights even.

I wasn’t being Scrooge, no feelings of humbug here. I just wanted a little change. So, I loaded up the CD player with some holiday albums from Mel Tormé, Barbara Cook and Ella Fitzgerald and put up a cooking tree instead. I had done this in years past, and with the launch of SavorSA, it seemed the perfect year to bring it back. All it takes is a few kitchen gadgets you don’t use too much mixed in with a few items from the bar, the grill and my cookie cutter collection.

Near the top is a cork angel, made from the stopper of a Champagne bottle. Also on the tree are wreaths of a sort, napkin rings made of jingle bells with a bright red ribbon on top. Cocktail skewers for olives or pickled onions as well as full length metal skewers for shish kebabs make for a type of tinsel.

Ornaments3Cookie cutters, of course, make for great ornaments. They’re easy to hang, and I even have a set in red that outlines designs such as Santa, a Christmas tree and a gingerbread man.

Wine charms are also easy to hang, and I opted for a series with wild animals in honor of my African safari earlier this year.

A few under-used kitchen utensils, including a real nutcracker and a specialized zester that creates thin strips of citrus peel, hang alongside a few kitchen-related ornaments that many of us foodies have accumulated over the years. These include a miniature Kitchen Aid and a small copy of “Joy of Cooking.”

Ornaments1The one traditional piece on the tree is the topper, a miniature Santa hat. I had wanted to crown it with a chef’s toque, but mine was so large that it weighed the tree over. I could have kept it that way. Upside down trees hung from the ceiling were popular a year or two ago. But a felled tree on its side? Now, that would have been something for Scrooge.

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One Response to “Griffin to Go: O Cooking Tree”

  1. Carryn says:

    What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing it!