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Wine Review: A Pinot Noir Perfect for Turkey

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Willamette Valley Vineyards Whole Cluster Fermented Pinot Noir 2008

WillametteValleyPinotNoir3Fact: This is the first wine to list the resveratrol level on the label. What’s resveratrol? It’s a phytoalexin in wine that’s said to reduce blood sugar levels while being a cancer figther and an anti-inflammatory, according to Wikipedia. In other words, it could be good for you. It certainly is good for your palate, thanks for a heady aroma of cranberry, raspberry and wild strawberry as well as a touch of smoke. The flavors again make you think of tart red fruits from cranberry to pomegranate, leading to a bright finish.

Feeling: From the moment the first sip was poured, this wine was ready to drink, though it evolved nicely in the glass over time. Great Pinot flavors were evident, making it perfect with turkey or pork roast. Elegant and light-bodied, it is youthful and lively, the perfect complement to lighten up heavier fare.

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