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Paint a Glass, Have a Drink at Scenic Loop

Paint a Glass, Have a Drink at Scenic Loop

Wednesday is time for girl’s night out and a Pottery Painting Party at Scenic Loop Cafe, 25615 Boerne Stage Road at Scenic Loop Road.

Pick a margarita, martini or wine glass to paint and decorate — and have a drink in the meantime. All paints and supplies will be on hand. Class starts at 6:30 p.m. and costs $21.

Make reservations at (210) 687-1818.

Call 210-687-1818 to reserve you & your friends spot!

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Ask a Foodie: What Is Sumac?

Ask a Foodie: What Is Sumac?

Q. What is sumac? Where does it come from? Is it any relation to the poison sumac plants I have in my yard? –Carol

A. The sumac served at Middle Eastern restaurants is a tart spice that adds plenty of flavor to the food, not poison. But the plants you refer to are related to the source of the spice, and they are poisonous.

According to the website,, “Sumac is considered essential for cooking in much of the Middle East; it served as the tart, acidic element in cooking prior to the introduction of lemons by the Romans. In the U.S., you might see sumac growing along the roadside, but this relative of the Middle Eastern sumac is poisonous and should not be consumed. Sumac has a very nice, fruity-tart flavor which is not quite as overpowering as lemon. In addition to their very pleasant flavor, flakes from the berry are a lovely, deep red color which makes a very attractive garnish.”

Ground sumac is the form most often seen at Middle Eastern restaurants, including Shiraz, 4230 McCullough Ave.

So, the answer to your question is this: If you want to try this spice at home, buy it from a grocer and don’t pick it from the side of the road.

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