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Party Flavors: Get Your Game Day Snack Recipes Here

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With the game a week away, don’t just rely on the same old chips and salsa, order-in pizza and bean dip out of a can. SavorSA will be putting up a week’s worth of daily Super Bowl snack suggestions and recipes. Check them out right here, starting with today’s creamy avocado dip that doubles as a salad dressing, plus favorites from our recipe files!

Recipe: Creamy Avocado Salsa

Recipe: Date Bars

Last minute snacks, little or no work

Recipe: Sugar Cream Pie

Recipe: Pecan pralines a new orleans treat for almost 400 years

Recipe: Tomatillo salsa, easy to make.

Recipe: Skewered crisp shitakes with garlic.

Recipe: Vegetarian chili with cheese and scallions.

Recipe: Truffled Goat Cheese Spread

Great slider buns and easy mini subs.

Recipes: Popcorn

Recipe: Bonnie's Guacamole

Recipe: Make your own Muffuletta

Recipe: Fried Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

Recipes: Wings, Three Ways

Recipe: A Trio of Colorful Salsas

Recipe: Grilled Pizza

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4 Responses to “Party Flavors: Get Your Game Day Snack Recipes Here”

  1. Debbie says:

    We are planning a Cajun themed Super Bowl party in honor of the Saints. Can you please suggest some Cajun recipes that wouldn’t be too difficult to make? Thanks.

  2. Pingo says:

    Your “wing trio” will be on our menu. Do you have some exciting, spicy vegetarian options? I am tired of making the layered bean dip and the spinach filled phyllos. TIA

    • Bonnie says:

      Hi Pingo – absolutely, look for some vegetarian options coming up this week. Right now, though, I’m thinking of some good, garlic hummus on pita chips, celery, carrots and other raw veggies with a homemade blue cheese dressing, vegetarian chili, and lettuce, avocado and tomato mini-sub on sourdough. Any more suggestions welcome! Have a fun