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Restaurateurs: Support the Arts with Soup

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Between Sunday and March 14, restaurateurs are being called upon to support the arts by selling soup.

The 2010 Arts Soup promotion asks local restaurants to join together to raise money and awareness of the San Antonio’s United Arts Fund, which supports 27 local arts and cultural organizations. By selling selective soups and donating a portion of the sales to “theFund”, you can help support the city’s arts.

Also, you might win the Arts Soup trophy, which goes to the top contributor. Your participation helps drive traffic to your door while the event is promoted through news articles, e-mails and more.

To join Arts Soup, sign up at  Or e-mail the 2010 chairs, Brian Mason ( or Joanna Nichols (

This is how it works:

  • theFund provides all the promotional materials, flyers, check presenter flyers, posters and more.
  • You decide how much to contribute from sales (50 percent is suggested). Or, make a contribution of  $500.
  • theFund will come to your establishment and train your wait staff about the program prior to the start date.theFund is at 1149 Commerce St., Suite 200, San Antonio, TX 78205. Call (210) 212-8303.
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