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What’s Hot: Cucumber Salad in a Jar

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On a run to Ali Baba International Food Market for fresh pita bread the other day we picked up a jar of Pulaski Cucumber Salad. The sliced cukes resembled sliced hamburger sliced dills, but had a fresher look.  Fresher is how they tasted, too.

I’ve already picked up a second jar. The flavor is less acidic than pickles, with a little sweetness like bread and butter pickles but far less intense. They are not overly salty or vinegary. In other words, as much a salad as a pickle. But they are really good on sandwiches: chicken or tuna salad, Italian meats and hamburgers, too.  I’m thinking they’d be great on pulled pork sandwiches and served along with barbecue.

The pickles are a product of Poland, but packed in the United States. A 30-ounce jar is $3.99. You’ll find them on the pickle aisle at Ali Baba, down toward the fresh produce end. Ali Baba is at 9307 Wurzbach Road.

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