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Bee’s Buzzes With Fine Flavors

Pepe's Plate, a trio of enchiladas

Bee’s Mexican Restaurant on Lockhill Selma off Blanco Road came as something of a surprise.

Food: 3.5
Service: 3.0
Value: 3.0

Rating scale:
5: Extraordinary
4: Excellent
3: Good
2: Fair
1: Poor

Sure, the extensive menu is filled with old favorites, from flautas and calupas to puffy tacos and a pork chop plate. But how many places in town offer a machacado breakfast plate ($8.50) using house-made dried goat meat?

How many have a combination enchilada plate as good as Pepe’s Plate ($7.25)?

I don’t know who Pepe is, but he should be proud of the trio of enchiladas that pay homage to him. Each is filled with flavorful shredded chicken and comes served with its own sauce. The first I sampled, with the verde sauce, was the one I saved the rest of for last. The tomatillos had a fresh zing that made them stand out. The second had a comforting ranchera sauce, and the third has the more traditional gravy with cheese. A dab of cooling sour cream at the center more than made up for a too-slick guacamole.

Goat machacado

A breakfast visit the next morning brought a plate of the machacado, in which the meat was scrambled with eggs and a touch of hot sauce. The flavor of the goat was rich and complements the eggs well, but I must admit a few strands were a little too tough to chew. Yet the plate as a whole proved a satisfying eye-opener, especially with refrieds filled with pork flavor and papas fritas. (I realize the word machacado can refer to any dried meat, but most San Antonio restaurants that I’ve visited have feature beef.)

A lengua taco ($1.99) on the side had plenty of soft cubes of meat cooked in a soothing sauce tucked inside an excellent handmade flour tortilla.

Lengua taco

Bee’s doesn’t stop with the savories. It is also a bakery, and from the midst of Mexican favorites, I chose a slice of coffee cake that was moist and delicious. (My takeout menu  mentions it’s a family sports bar, too, with winearitas and beers.)

The restaurant is as bright as an Easter basket with plenty of pastel colors. The staff is equally warm; and though Spanish is more prevalent than English, it was easy to ask questions about the food. That is, when they had a moment to stop. Bee’s is a popular spot, and from two recent visits, it’s easy to see why.

Bee’s Mexican Restaurant
808 Lockhill Selma
(210) 342-1886
Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner

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