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Herbs, Fresh or Dried, for Upset Stomach

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Q. We’re planting a few herbs this year. While many of them will be for culinary uses, we were wondering what herbs are good for mild complaints, such as a stomach ache and indigestion.                          — S. F.

A. I’m thinking that a book of herbal lore and medicinal uses would be a great book to put on your coffee table this spring and summer. I’m enjoying a book given to me at Christmas by a friend. “Herbs” by Leslie Bremness (D.K. Smithsonian Handbooks, $20) has very distinct photos for identifying plants, and also lists uses for the herbs.

[amazon-product]0789493918[/amazon-product]This book mentions both dill and fennel seed as aiding in indigestion and stomach upset. I can vouch for this. I make tea by infusing several tablespoons of these herbs, along with mint, fresh or dried, for a few minutes in two cups of almost-boiling water. Sometimes I add fennel seed. Drink the tea warm or cool; it seems to work either way.  By the way, all of these are great for culinary uses, too.

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