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Paella Pans Come in All Sizes

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Paella pan display at Melissa Guerra's

If you were at the Pearl paella cook-off Sunday, you surely noticed the enormous pans most of the contestants were using. These came from Melissa Guerra’s Tienda de Cocina, located in the Full Goods building on the Pearl Brewery campus.

The great big competition pans, which sat on tripods across burners, were 32 inches across, made of stainless steel with red painted handles. The pan can cook five pounds of rice and serve up to 40 people.  It costs $191.99.

That’s great if you plan to serve 40 people. What if you want to make paella for yourself and nobody else? The store also sells an 8-inch pan that serves one and costs $13.95. Serving 25? Pick up the 28-inch pan. It’s $141.95.

A really nice set-up, though, is the 17-inch pan along with a burner and the metal tripod.  It serves 10-11 people and costs $239.95.  (Why does this keep reminding me of deep-fried turkey?)

The store sells 13 different sizes of pans in all. They are 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18.5, 22 and 23 inches in diameter, in addition to the ones we’ve already mentioned.

As barbecue weather right now is just about perfect, you might consider adding paella to your cookout. Don’t forget the sangria, or our favorites, a nicely acidic Spanish white wine or a dry rosé.

Photo: Nicholas N. Mistry

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