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The ‘Dessert-in-a-Pinch’ Pantry

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Dessert-in-a-Pinch Pantry

This is my list of things I try to keep stocked just in case dessert is required. (But also just because I like them anytime.)

Make your own list. You might be surprised, looking around the kitchen at how many emergency dessert ingredients you already have on hand.

For the freezer

1-2 bags frozen raspberries, black raspberries, rhubarb
Pound cake
Loaf of challah raisin bread
Ice cream
Frozen peanut butter cookie dough
Frozen chocolate chip cookie dough
Bag of small Snickers or Baby Ruth candy bars (If you have time, you can roll these inside cookie dough and bake, a real treat)
Ghirardelli chocolate bars
Nuts, such as English walnut halves, pecans, almonds (great for toppings, fillings, garnishes or just plain, with cheese)

For the cupboard

Favorite quick mixes, such as puddings, flan, brownies, cake mix
Chocolate chips and/or butterscotch chips
Graham crackers, vanilla or lemon wafers
Flaked coconut
Dried fruit
Cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.
Brown and white sugar, turbinado sugar
Short grain or sticky rice
Coconut milk
Red plum jam or your favorite

Fresh pantry and refrigerator

Fresh apples, oranges, bananas or any other fruit
Cream for whipping, or spray can of real whipped cream
Sour cream or Mexican crema
Cheeses (natural, not processed)
Already-made pie crusts
Maraschino cherries
Pudding mixes, such as vanilla, lemon and chocolate
Chocolate sauce

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