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El Jacalito Restaurant Honors Tex-Mex Traditions

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Puffy Tacos

We discovered this place using the old-fashioned method of stopping where the cars are. On several trips up and down the road, we had seen plenty of cars parked along the side of this restaurant, which also has a bar in back and a spacious picnic area. Something good’s going on here, we said.

Food: 3.0
Service: 3.0
Value: 3.5

Rating scale:
5: Extraordinary
4: Excellent
3: Good
2: Fair
1: Poor

And we were right.

Tradtional Tex-Mex is abundant throughout the city, but few places have puffy tacos as light and delicate as those we found in the Lupita Special at this homey café. This local favorite was filled with a judicious amount of picadillo, well drained so the shell stayed together while we ate it. The freshness of the lettuce and tomato, not to mention the silky comfort of the cheese on top, made this

The same ground meat could be found in the chile relleno, which featured an egg-rich shell that was then topped with gooey shreds of cheese. Again, a solid version of this dish.

A cheese enchilada on the side may have been the most traditional dish of all, yet the dark gravy, the silky sea of melted cheese and the soft tortilla made for perfect comfort. Meaty refrieds, fine rice and a solid salsa rounded out a satisfying meal.

The cordial staff, the promise of chalupas compuestas and Friday’s special of fideo con carnitas, and tacos on handmade corn tortillas should all get me back to El Jacalito soon.

Chile Relleno


El Jacalito Exterior

El Jacalito Exterior

El Jacalito Restaurant
146 N. W.W. White Road
Breakfast and lunch daily, dinner Monday-Saturday

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