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Great Eats Await Along W.W. White Road

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Fried tilapia, shrimp and oysters at La Playa Seafood

Let’s face it, we like our dining to fall into easy choices along well-trodden paths. But when we rely too often on what’s safe, we risk boring our taste buds.

So, it was exciting recently to discover a whole new world of flavors mingled in with a few old friends along the same stretch of road. I’m referring to W.W. White Road, which has been long known as the home of Big Lou’s Pizza, Mr. and Mrs. G’s Home Cooking and Ma Harper’s Creole Kitchen. When I found Ed’s Smok-N-Q, mesquite-smoked meat at its finest, I began to wonder what other riches were to be found on the north and south ends of the street.

Plenty, as it turned out. While I didn’t visit every last restaurant on the road, I ate in enough of them to realize that W.W. White boasts a unique collection of restaurants worth investigating. The prices are reasonable, with the majority being under $10 an entree. Many of the places are open for breakfast or lunch only; a few like Mr. and Mrs. G’s close early in the evening, so you should pay attention to hours before setting out on your own culinary journey.

There are so many restaurants to choose from that this overview of W.W. White will take place in two parts and will be limited to those places my colleague and photographer, Nick Mistry, and I visited.

In the first part, we take a look at three of the restaurants on the northern end:

Review: Radicke's Bluebonnet Cafe

Review: El Jacalito Restaurant

Review: La Playa Seafood

Next week: A sampling of South W.W. White Road

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One Response to “Great Eats Await Along W.W. White Road”

  1. Julia Rosenfeld says:

    I see you’ve been talking to David Lent and Heather Hunter. I may live in the far northwest, but my belly belongs on the East Side. Thanks for letting me know about the La Playa quality. I’ve often wondered about it on my way to/from El Buc.