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Kids’ Competition Turns Lemonade into Business

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Lemonade Day contest participants.

The competition was rough, but the results were delicious. These kids competed in a lemonade competition held April 17. They are, from left to right, Alejandro Pequeno, Krystal Farthing, Catherine Horner, Laura Garcia, Sebastian Caballero, Lemonhead, Kadyn Miller, Cecily Rizo, Ella Flister, Jessica McNelly, Matthew Pequeno and Benjamin Pequeno.

These and other participants will be opening their own stands around town on Lemonade Day on Sunday.  Watch for them and buy some lemonade.

Competition winners included:

Sebastian Caballero (1st place Most Creative)

Krystal Farthing(1st place Healthiest)

Catherine Horner(1st place Best Tasting)

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