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Lemonade Day for Kids Coming Sunday

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Lemonade is a sure sign of summer on the way.

San Antonio launches its first Lemonade Day on Sunday, so keep your eyes open for kids at lemonade stands around town.

Kids in Business Foundation, a non-profit organization created Lemonade Day to teach children the basics of business and finance.

This Prepared 4 Life event was created to be a fun, free way to teach financial and entrepreneurial skills to children of all ages.

San Antonio is one of the latest cities to join in Lemonade Day.  Last year in Houston, more than 27,000 youth registered for Lemonade Day, sold over 2 million cups of lemonade and donated close to $500,000 to their favorite charities. Local title sponsors for San Antonio are H-E-B and Imperial Sugar.

“Kids are encouraged to find their own investors, create their own stands and design their own marketing plans,” said Gary Walton, co-chair of Lemonade Day San Antonio.  “When I saw what an impact it had in the Houston area, I knew that it would be a perfect fit for San Antonio. The goals that kids are encouraged to set — spend a little, save a little, give a little — are lessons about money that they can carry with them through life.”  Janet Holliday is co-chair.

So, give a kid a break on Lemonade Day — buy some lemonade and support a future businessperson.

Children still can sign up for Lemonade Day. For more information about Lemonade Day, its sponsors, registration and to pick up schedules, please visit

Go to Kids’ Competition Turns Lemonade Into Business on this website to read about participants in the lemonade contest held on April 17.

Photo by Bonnie Walker

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2 Responses to “Lemonade Day for Kids Coming Sunday”

  1. Thanks for helping support Lemonade Day SavorSa!! 😀

    • I hope it’s a success – it’s the first one and I can certainly see this event taking off! Be sure to keep us posted about next year’s Lemonade Day. BW