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So Much to Explore Along W.W. White

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Review: El Bucanero

There are so many restaurants along W.W. White that this series could continue for a long time to come. Virginia’s Tex-Mex, Chatman’s Chicken and Sapp Pit BBQ  are but three names that spring to mind among the many.

Why is the food along this stretch of road so good? You could site so many reasons, but the one that keeps coming back to me is that the majority of restaurants along this stretch are independents. The owners’ livelihood depends on turning out a good product. In the highly competitive restaurant world, the maxim that “You are only as good as your last meal” may be even more true along less-trafficked roads.

We close out this three-part series with a look at Southern home cooking at Mr. and Mrs. G’s, a cafeteria that has folks lined up out the door on any given day, and El Bucanero, a Mexican seafood restaurant that will reel you in with its treasures of the deep.

Have we missed any places along the road that we should know about? Is there another stretch of road in the city we should investigate? Let us know where your favorite concentration of restaurants is. And happy, well-fed trails to you.

Review: Mr. & Mrs. G's

Review: El Bucanero

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