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The Eating Is Easy Along W.W. White

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Carnitas Huaraches from Carnita's

Who was W.W. White? And why is there a road as well as an elementary school named after him in San Antonio?

A little Internet research produced only a little information, but he was a Confederate colonel during the Civil War who commanded the Seventh Georgia Infantry during the battle at Gettysburg. He wrote an official report about what happened there (click here).  But his connections to San Antonio are vague, as is his name. Nothing I found explained what the W.W. stood for.

Nor did anything say whether he enjoyed a good meal, which is what people driving up and down the road named after him are likely to face at any number of places. Last week, we introduced you to several eateries on the north side of the road (click here). Now, Nicholas Mistry and I take you to the south side of the street, with photographs and words, respectively. This pair of restaurants should sing to your soul.

The restaurants include Carnitas Mexican and Big Lou’s Pizza. Next week: Mr. and Mrs. G’s Home Cooking and El Bucanero.

Review: Big Lou's

Review: Carnitas

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