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You’ll Never Guess What They Serve at Carnitas

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Carnitas Huaraches

To pork lovers, there is nothing like a plate of Michoacan-style carnitas. This dish is essentially a type of pork confit cooked in its own juices and fat until it is ready to fall apart. The meat is then crisped on the outside to give it a crackly texture while remaining moist and succulent inside.

Wrap these strands of meat in a warm corn tortilla and coat them with a spritz of lime juice. One bite can be transcendent.

Imagine how I felt when I saw the sign along W.W. White of a restaurant named Carnitas. I practically willed the car instantly into the parking lot, even though I wasn’t driving.

Food: 4.0
Service: 3.0
Value: 4.0

Rating scale:
5: Extraordinary
4: Excellent
3: Good
2: Fair
1: Poor

Not many customers were there in the late afternoon, but the few around us were definitely giving off vibes of contentment. The cool, comforting space with the white walls and tile floors was also welcoming

Yet, because this is such a favorite with me, I was anxious about how good the carnitas would be. I scarcely noticed that carnitas was all we ordered.

One version featured the carnitas atop a pair of huaraches, the sandal-shaped corn patties that had been smeared with a thin layer of porky refried beans. The other had carnitas au naturel, so you could make your own taco if you wanted to stuff the meat into a handmade flour tortilla or just enjoy the meat by itself.

I needn’t have worried.

The carnitas were spectacular, and served hot enough to impart a pleasant little sizzle on the tongue. The carnitas were spectacular enough to name the restaurant after. They were good enough to make me dream of returning for more.

Yes, we had beans, rice, some salsa and maybe something else. But did I tell you about the carnitas … ?

Carnitas Plate

Carnitas Huaraches

Exterior of Carnitas

Carnitas Mexican Restaurant
1310 S. W.W. White Road
(210) 359-6800
Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Photos: Nicholas Mistry

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