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Ask a Foodie: Restaurant Recommendations, We Have Some

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Rosario's Shrimp Nachos are good for an appetizer or a meal.

Q. I’m visiting from out of town and am a real foodie. I’m interested in places near the Convention Center that I can either walk to or take a short cab ride.  Thanks.  — C.Z.

A. The famous local food, as you probably know, is Tex-Mex, but San Antonio other good things to offer in or near downtown. On the River Walk, we recommend Biga on the Banks (high end, not Tex-Mex), or for contemporary, leaning to French, try Fig Tree with its edenic patio cascading down to the water.  Also on the river is Ácenar, with its mod ambience and authentic Mexican dishes. Las Canarias at the Mansion del Rio  (contemporary American) is good, as is Boudro’s for a taste of Texas with a Southwestern touch.

Another high-end steak place to try might be Bohanan’s. On Houston Street, a bit of a walk, or short cab ride.

A smaller restaurant that has been near downtown a long time and is very popular, you’d want a cab for. That’s El Mirador. A little further in a cab in that general direction is a colorful place we like to take out of town guests,  Rosario’s Cafe y Cantina. If you like margaritas, definitely try one here. In the same neighborhood is La Frite, a Belgian bistro, and Azuca with its pan-Latin dishes.

Restaurant Insignia, in the Fairmount Hotel across the street from the convention center, is great for lunch or dinner, if you’re looking for something as fun as a brisket burger with garlic fries or the San Antonio pizza.

At Market Square downtown, where you can buy lots of Mexican crafts and souvenirs and so forth, is Mi Tierra, a huge Mexican restaurant with decent food and a big, showy bakery full of Mexican sweets and breads. Mariachis stroll the aisles and it’s fun. It’s also open 24/7.

There are many more good restaurants to walk to, so don’t hesitate to contact SavorSA again if you want more ideas, when you get here.

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