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Ask a Foodie: What’s the Best Way to Freeze Peaches?

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If you’re going to take advantage of the bounteous crop of Texas Hill Country peaches this season, but don’t want to can them all, freeze them instead. Peaches frozen this way will taste just like fresh, say the authors.

Here’s how, from Taste of Home magazine:

1. Use whole, unblemished completely ripe peaches.

Freeze peaches whole to keep their flavor and freshness.

2. Arrange whole peaches on a cookie sheet and place in freezer (they did not wash them first).

3. After peaches have frozen solid, place them in a plastic bag.

4. When you are ready to use, removed the desired number of peaches from the bag, run cold water over frozen peach and slip off the skin.

5. Microwave for 10 to 15 seconds.

6. Slice peaches to use as you desire for cereal toppings, pies or cobbler, ice cream, or simply slice them, add a little sugar if needed and enjoy.

From: Taste of Home

Recipe for Peach Ice Cream

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