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Peaches, Blackberries Ready at Marburger’s Orchard

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It’s time for peaches and blackberries in the Hill Country.  At Gary Marburger’s pick-your-own orchard, all of the varieties have a crop, as the weather has been cooperating so far, he says.

“It looks like this could be the best Hill Country peach year out of the last 10 years.” Marburger says.  “Since we had a 99.9 percent loss to freeze in 2009, it has essentially been 2 years since our last peach crop.”

The Regal and Goldprince varieties (classified as semi-freestone and semi-cling) are at their prime for picking right now, says Marburger. He will be estimating the ripening times of the other varieties later this week.

Blackberries are also now in heavy production, and will continue to have lots of berries for the next two or three weeks. Strawberries are still producing some ripe berries each day, and will for a few more weeks. A few vegetables are also ready now, he says, with more to come.

Check out  Marburger’s website, or call 830-997-9433 for more information and updates.

To get to Marburger’s Orchard:  Take U.S. 87  until you’re about five and a quarter miles south of Fredericksburg or 16 miles north of  I-10.  Watch for the sign. Turn onto Meusebach Road. Follow signs to 559 Kuhlmann Road.

Photo by Nicholas Mistry

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