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SA Botanical Garden’s Farmers Market: Try for Next Week

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In this photo from summer, 2009, vendors setup for the farmers market at the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

The San Antonio Botanical Garden Farmers Market was scheduled to start today, but, according to personnel at the garden, none of the sellers showed up.

The market is scheduled for next Thursday, May 16, as well.  SavorSA will follow up to see if it gets off to a better start, since so many are looking forward to it. Also, you might call the Botanical Garden before going over, the spokesperson said.

Hours are 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Thursdays.  Vendors from Bexar and surrounding counties will offer seasonal fruits and vegetables, from berries to zucchini.

In addition, a group of volunteers from the Botanical Society Plant Team will be selling “Texas friendly” plants, including fragrant herbs. They will also answer questions about where in your garden they will prosper and how to to help them thrive.

The farmers market will be open through Dec. 9, but the plant sale will take a break in August, sparing the workers and tender plants from the excessive heat.  Plant sales will continue until October.

San Antonio Botanical Garden
555 Funston Place
San Antonio, TX, 78209

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One Response to “SA Botanical Garden’s Farmers Market: Try for Next Week”

  1. Intersting, hopefully they will open. I love farmers markets.