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Dough Redux in Dallas?

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The pizza at Dough is cooked in a wood-burning oven crafted in Naples, Italy.

Doug Horn, proprietor of San Antonio’s ultra-popular Dough Pizzeria Napoletana, says the most exciting thing happening in his business life now is the possibility of putting a Dough No. 2 in the Dallas area.

“It’s in the courting stages right now,” he says.  “A group in Dallas is interested. They’ve been down here; now I’ll go up there to look around.”

The area being scouted for a location is Highland Park, a town in central Dallas, just south of Southern Methodist University.

As for rumors of Horn being involved in further expansion or other ventures in San Antonio— these are, at this time, just rumors.

The second Dough would be a licensed restaurant featuring the same type of Italian wood-burning pizza oven that Horn shipped here in 2007.

“For us, getting started on having the other oven built will be the first consideration. Even before applying for the liquor license,” he says.

It takes three months for a master mason in Naples to build the oven. Then, it takes another month to have it shipped from Italy to Texas. After leaving Italy, the oven makes its way to Spain, across the Atlantic to New York, then to Florida and on to Houston before making the last leg of the trip in Texas.

Horn was able to monitor the carefully crated oven’s travel online by way of satellite tracking.

“Last time it was really scary. While on its way from Spain to New York, the container ship completely disappeared from view for three days. There was a big storm out there—I knew they were going through some rough water,” he said.

In fact, sea water poured out of the containers when the oven was unloaded.

Dough is located at 6989 Blanco Road. Horn and his wife, Lori, opened the restaurant in November 2007.

Photo by Bonnie Walker

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