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Enchiladas: Stack ’em High

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Some people demand a fried egg on top of their stack of enchiladas. Who are we to argue?

Stacked enchiladas have a taller profile on your plate, but the same great taste you love in an enchilada.

Topped with a fried egg, soaked in red chile sauce or green chile and tomatillo enchilada sauce, filled with cheese, chicken or beef, your enchiladas will be sensational if you stack instead of roll.

New Mexico is famous as the home of stacked enchiladas, but the idea has crossed over the border into Texas in a few restaurants here and there.

The intense chile colorado from New Mexico is usually what smothers enchiladas you might order from a restaurant on a city plaza, be it in Santa Fe or Mesilla, outside of Las Cruces.

Here, even if we find stacked enchiladas, they’ll generally be covered with our Tex-Mex “chili gravy,” with or without ground beef.

Stacked green enchiladas are filled with tender cooked chicken, cheese, onions and cilantro and topped with green chile and tomatillo salsa. Sour cream is the perfect topping.

Check out these two recipes that borrow from the stacked-rather-than-rolled tradition while using our traditional green enchilada filling and sauce (chicken and tomatillo green chile salsa) and plain old Gebhardt’s (or your favorite) red enchilada sauce.

I like a mixture of longhorn or yellow cheddar cheese with Monterey Jack, though cheese grated from a brick of aged white Cheddar from Costco worked well.  Onions, yes. And, if you like the salty taste of Mexican dry Cotija cheese, crumble some of that on, too.

Photos by Bonnie Walker

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