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WalkerSpeak: Summer Perfect for Peaches, Pie

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The rich, tropical flavor of mango; peaches at the peak of ripeness right now — with this kind of deliciousness at hand, it’s a great time to put together a luscious summer pie.

This Mango Cinnamon Peach Pie came together nicely when I had four frozen peaches and one large mango on hand. I wanted pie and didn’t want to drive to the store to buy more peaches. Cinnamon, sugar and butter are the standbys in a fruit pie, but lemon juice and a small amount of almond extract really picked up the flavors. On top, a scoop of Haagen-Dazs Five Vanilla Bean ice cream was perfect.

Mango Cinnamon Peach Pie, with a little lemon and almond flavoring, makes a perfect summer dessert.

Obviously, in this recipe, you can use all peaches, too. Or, top with mango ice cream.

While I am able to put together a pie crust, I’m rarely happy with the results. So, this pie was made with Pillsbury rolled and ready-made crusts.  (I am not wild about this crust either, but it sure saves time and angst.)

Another pastry caught my eye while I was paging through “The Greyston Bakery Cookbook” (Rodale, $26).  The author, Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan lives in New York, and was formerly the director of the Community Garden Project for the Greyston Foundation.  The Greyston Bakery in New York was founded by Zen Buddhists in 1952 and thrives to this day.

Peach Crème Brûlée Tart might sound like a lot to tackle, but the recipe appears easy to do.  It has one crust, a 9-inch pie or tart crust, that is partially baked and cooled. (I would probably use one of the pre-made crusts, unless I was feeling more ambitious.)

Then, you peel and cut up fresh peaches and blend them. A custard batter, whipped egg whites and careful cooking come next, then the tart is cooled in the refrigerator.  Before serving caramelize sugar on top of the tart, then cool to room temperature for serving — and wait for the compliments to come.

Photos by Bonnie Walker

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