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Ask a Foodie: Ice Cream and a Water Chaser

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Q. Why does ice cream make you thirsty?

Drinking ice cream, which is full of sugar, often sends us looking for a glass of water.

A. I always figured that it was the sugar in ice cream that made us head for a glass of water after having an ice cream cone or bowl of ice cream.  A look at medical and (quasi-medical) sites on the Web bore this out, for the most part. But some also note that there is salt in ice cream and in cones as well, and salty foods induce thirst, too.

Some of the comments on this question theorized that we go for water to rinse our mouths of any remaining milk fat.  Whatever the reason, it seems to be a widespread response to eating ice cream. Most ice cream shops, if you notice, have a water fountain somewhere on the premises.

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2 Responses to “Ask a Foodie: Ice Cream and a Water Chaser”

  1. duckmole says:

    sounds like a good way to get your necessary daily water intake!

  2. Judy Baum says:

    Bonnie, the girls and I made Nutella ice cream last night. Just a jar of Nutella, warmed carefully so it thins out, add 2 cups of Half & Half, stir well. Throw it in the Cuisinart for 20 minutes and you have something wonderful! The Nutella freezes with tiny bits of chocolate tasty in every bite. Fortunately, it doesn’t make a lot, so you can’t pig-out!