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Grilled or Spiced, Ripe Figs a Summer Treasure

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If, as advises cookbook author and chef David Tanis, you slow down, take a look at what’s around you, you’ll notice there still is seasonality in our food. We certainly seek that out at farmers markets in the summer. But we can also find it at the grocery store, where we’re used to getting all kinds of food, from all over the world, any time of year.

Fresh figs, almost melting into their casings, were at their peak the other day in Central Market. Brown figs, with streaks of gold and burgundy, and pale green figs. While some might think “jam” or fig cookies, I just generally look at their sensuous shapes and remember how, as a child, I wouldn’t touch a fig, much less eat one.

That’s changed now that I have two fig trees in my yard, and another tree at my next door neighbor’s house that is available for plundering.

Figs are good grilled, or raw and sliced over ice cream. I love figs in Christmas breads or a cake.  Figs are beautiful arranged in a bowl set in the middle of the table or sliced, to show their rosy inner design, in a salad.

The following recipes were offered at Central Market. These three different preparations couldn’t be simpler, and are great ways to use this fast-ripening summer bounty.

Spiced Figs
Figs, Prosciutto and Parmigiano Salad
Grilled Figs

Here are a couple of other fig recipes SavorSA has run in the past:

Fig Jam
Fig Quesadillas

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