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Need a Simple Appetizer? Fire Up Your Grill

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Grill your grilled cheese on a real grill.

If you need a simple appetizer that goes together quickly, then look no further than your grill.

What could be simpler and more welcome than grilled cheese sandwiches? But not the simple sandwiches of yesteryear.

Forget the slices of white bread and the chemical taste of American cheese food. Instead, grab a baguette, some butter and an assortment of your favorite cheeses, and you’re all set.

The secret is to give your guests a host of options.

So, cut your baguette into thirds. Then slice each in half and butter both sides heavily.

Layer in your favorite cheeses and finish the sandwiches off with what you have on hand.

For a recent party, that meant using freshly roasted red pepper slices with Colby cheese and using some Hatch green chiles with mozzarella. The third section was a gooey blend of sharp cheddar, Colby and mozzarella. You could also use your choice of olive salad, sun-dried tomato slices, even bacon and match them with the likes of Emmenthaler, Manchego and queso fresco.

Let your guests cut their own bites.

The three sections of sandwich went on the grill and were ready to turn in no time, meaning you shouldn’t leave them to sit while you grab a beer. Even with turning them over, all three were ready to serve in a matter of minutes.

Let your guest cut their own portions. Serve with your favorite sandwich sides, from pickles to cranberry relish, and enjoy the reaction.

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