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The Rosé Way: Good Pink Wine, Summer’s Finest

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It’s the middle of July and the temperatures are heading into the triple digits — at least that’s what the thermometer at my house tells me.

What do we do under these circumstances? We pray for mild humidity, stay inside when we can and chill down the summer wines.

Sparkling rosé wine: It's always a treat, but not always expensive.

In our house, that means pink wine: dry, well-made rosé that goes with just about any food except, say, roast lamb or game. It doesn’t overwhelm with (hot) alcohol content and always is a pleasure to behold in a wine glass.

On Friday, searching for a rosé to chill down for Saturday night, I stopped into the Gabriel’s at Callaghan Road. I strolled past the more expensive wines, the Nicolas Feuillatte that I sometimes receive for my birthday, the Scharffenberger that always gives me pause, inducing as it does thoughts of icy Champagne downed with chocolate truffles. I stopped at the Segura Viudas, a Spanish Rosé Cava, cava being Spain’s answer to Champagne, that comes in my favorite shade of pale and costs an attractive $7.99 per bottle.

At that price, you get a lovely wine that sparkles and gives you a treat of fruit and flowers, a good acid balance and a surprisingly nice finish. I put it in my best Champagne glass and enjoyed it while watching a B movie from the ’40s.  A patter of rain on the roof might have made this night perfection, but close, in this case, was good enough.

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2 Responses to “The Rosé Way: Good Pink Wine, Summer’s Finest”

  1. June says:

    I drink mostly full-bodied dry reds which can be a problem in summer but just had a very nice Rose from Bella Vineyards of DCV (Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma, Calif) that was wonderfully dry but still refreshing because it’s chilled. Probably not available in Texas but if they have any left, you can order through I have to visit the winery to get any here in Pa.