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Godai Sushi Bistro VIP Blast

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A crowd of customers wished William “Goro” Pitchford (left) well on his new venture while sampling appetizers ranging from crudites and cheese to deep-fried spicy duck won tons and fois gras “Popsicles” on Saturday night.

Waiter bears drinks to party-goers at the new Godai Sushi Bistro on Saturday.

Godai Sushi Bistro, at The Ridge,  on NW Loop 1604 and Tradesman Drive, opens Monday for dinner only. But, the restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week, by the following week.

Pitchford also owns the award-winning Godai Sushi Bar and Restaurant on West Avenue.

“I think we have something pretty spectacular here,” said chef Chris Kidd, before introducing his staff to the crowd. Meanwhile, customers and friends took the mic to add their congratulations and a minister said a prayer of blessing.

The menu will reflect Pitchford’s long-held wish to do upscale French and Asian cuisine. The wine list will be heavily populated with French wines as well. (Though, one party-goer in the wine trade theorized that Pitchford, a fan of California cabernet sauvignon, will have plenty of those on hand as well.)

The restaurant decor is sleek and minimal in mostly black and white, with pale orange globe lights hanging from a black ceiling.  Red accents bring in a touch of the Far East and a big, open food-staging area is flanked by a long bar. Japanese whiskey was added to the drinks at the party Saturday, while guests sampled beef and chicken sate, crab puffs, smoked salmon crostini and rounds of breaded, deep-fried foie gras served on sticks, Popsicle style.

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One Response to “Godai Sushi Bistro VIP Blast”

  1. oh man! i would have done anything to attend! i cannot wait to try for myself!