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Lüke Brings New/Old-World Style to River Walk in October

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Chef and television personality John Besh will open Lüke San Antonio, the sister restaurant to his Lüke New Orleans, in mid-October. Chef Steven McHugh will head up the culinary team at River Walk restaurant at 125 E. Houston St.

The Franco-German brasserie with elements of a gastro-pub and a beer house will pay homage to traditional Old World cuisine while showcasing robust local flavors to satisfy the soul as well as the palate, according to a press release for Lüke San Antonio.

John Besh, New Orleans chef and television personality, opens Lüke San Antonio in October.

Besh chose San Antonio for his first restaurant outside of Louisiana, in part, because of the bond the city shares with Besh’s native New Orleans, according to the press release.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, San Antonio became a second home to many former New Orleans residents. Some of them worked in Besh’s Louisiana establishments before the storm hit.

McHugh, who has long worked as a chef in the Besh family of restaurants, plans to honor the culinary customs of French and German cuisines. His menu will draw the many German influences of the San Antonio area and features such regional delicacies as Texas-raised beef and quail, as well as some of the nostalgic brasserie menu items that Lüke’s sister restaurant in New Orleans has become famous for, such as house-made pâtés, duck confit, herb-roasted chicken and creamy pasta dishes, as well as some seafood. These will be featured alongside San Antonio-inspired delicacies such as veal barbacoa, locally made cheeses, Hill Country produce and Texas wild boar.

“It’s the French version of American comfort food with a San Antonio kick,” says McHugh.

The restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. for lunch and dinner. 

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