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Ask a Foodie: Can You Whip Sour Cream?

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Q. I ran across a menu recently that featured sour cream ice cream. It looked good. I wonder if you can also use sour cream as whipping cream?   — J.B.

Whipping sour cream doesn't quite get you the volume of whipping cream, but it does get more fluffy, and has a light, tangy flavor.

A. To check this out, we purchased regular sour cream as well as a jar of Mexican sour cream (crema Mexicana agria). Both of the creams did increase in volume, though not nearly as much as whipping cream does.

The whipped sour cream, however, tasted wonderful and took on an appetizing sheen. We added a little sugar and served it on pie along with fresh raspberries. The crema agria had a completely different flavor. It was tangy, almost salty in flavor. (In fact, the label indicates that salt is added.)

So, I would use whipped crema agria on a savory dish— such as putting a mound of the fluffy cream on chicken flautas or enchiladas, at the center of a plate of nachos, or as a garnish on a dish of creamy black beans.

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