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Pumpkins: For Carving and Display — or Cooking

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When Charles Schultz’s character Linus Van Pelt anticipated the coming of the Great Pumpkin, most of us visualized a great orange pumpkin.

But if you’ve passed stands on the roads up to the Hill Country or been up to that great Texas pumpkin Valhalla,  the major growing area around Floydada in the northern part of the state, then you know pumpkins come in many colors.

A gnarly blue pumpkin is a treat for the eyes.

Our great pumpkin this year was this lovely blue specimen found in Central Market last week. I pick one up every year, clear off some of the clutter on the coffee table and give it the place of honor until around Thanksgiving.

This particular pumpkin was the most curvaceous on display, offering a perfectly dried tangle of tendrils coming out of the twisted stem.

Here are some recipes to honor pumpkin season. We hope that when you’ve completed your Halloween display you’ll save some of the pumpkin for cooking and eating. Scrape out the seeds, which can be boiled, dried, roasted and salted to make pepitas. Break up the pumpkin and steam the flesh. It’s easy to scoop the tender pumpkin meat away from the rind after it has been cooked.

Pumpkin Gingerbread is a slight, but flavorful, adaptation.

Use it as you would any squash, cooked with a drizzle of honey or butter, make bread or pie with it, or soup. It tastes good and is a good  source of vitamin A, too.


Pumpkin Gingerbread

Pumpkin Soup

by Bonnie Walker

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2 Responses to “Pumpkins: For Carving and Display — or Cooking”

  1. I just got a blue pumpkin! Too fun! 😀

    • Hi GB — ok, a little tardy on getting back to you! I love it that you found a blue pumpkin to take home — and I hope it is making you as happy as mine makes me. It’s still looking quite sharp on its pedestal in the living room, but will have to be, um, processed before long. We had a great meal at Thai Dee recently, on Blanco Road. They make a pumpkin curry, with coconut milk, red curry, herbs, nice cubes of tender fresh pumpkin and slices of chicken breast. It’s really amazing and I’d also imagine not hard to make. Thanks for the note, and the tweets, as always. Bonnie